February 20, 2010

Famous Chinese Artist Yin Chaoyang Oil Painting Work --- Vertigo

Yin Chaoyang Modern Oil Painting Work --- Vertigo

Title: Vertigo

Artist: Yin Chaoyang (China)

Media: Oil paint on fabric

Size: 200*200cm

Creation year: 2007

Appreciation of Yin Chaoyang Oil Painting Art:

Yin Chaoyang's artworks are both "Dreams" and "surreal", but regardless of adopting expressionism or realism of expression way, always can be respect for experiences and feelings to the real-life, using painting to express his artistic ideas.

Contradictions between ideal and reality were balanced by the Arts, the artist’s sensitive insight and sharp sense make the idealized reality is not far away any more. In recent years, there are great changes occurred in images and connotations of oil painting works by artist Ying Chaoyang, the most obvious one is the performance way has changed from personal narratives to grand narratives, his heroism complex and utopian dreams implied in concerns about the social consciousness, followed are changes of the artist’s concern way about the existence of life, thirdly is use swirls of rich visual changes to express emotions for the efflux.

Brief of Artist Yin Chaoyang:

Yin Chaoyang, male, who was born in 1970 in Henan, China, in 1992 was admitted to enter the the Central Academy of Fine Arts and study at the Print Department. since 1996 Yin Chaoyang as a professional painter, currently residing in Beijing. In 2008, Artist Yin Chaoyao was listed on the 21th on "Hurun Contemporary Art List" .

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