February 9, 2009

Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting from Artist Mao Daizong

Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting from Artist Mao Daizong

Art Theme: Cold Fall in Nimeng

Artist: Mao Daizong

Media: Fabric, Wooden Frame

Size: 80x100cm

Year of Creation: 1993

Painting type: For sale

Price: Negotiable

Contact: 86-13176657777

Others: This painting had been reported specially on famous magazine Art Sky in China, and the highest price of the artist Mao Daizong is ¥290,640,000/s.inch

* About the Artist:

Name: Mao Daizong

Birth: 1955

Career: Member of Chinese Artists Association; director of Shandong Artist Association; dean, professor and tutor of postgraduate candidates of Shandong Art Institute in College of Fine Arts...

* The above
Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting originated from China Contemporay Artist Mao Daizong and it is now for sale online and available from ChinaOilPainting.com, if you interested with Chinese original oil painting art and inclined to own this Artist Oil Painting, you may contact the special oil painting gallery freely.

** Original address of this oil painting post: Stupendous Art World with Oil Paintings

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