February 12, 2009

Artist Lin Fengmian Oil Painting Appreciation --- Drama Character

Artist Lin Fengmian Oil Painting Appreciation --- Drama Character

Painting Style: Person Oil Painting

Art Theme: Drama Character

Artist: Lin Fengmian

Media: Oil on Linen

Size: /

* About Artist LinFengmian:

Lin Fengmian (1900-1991), famous Chinese modern artist and art educator.

Formerly known as Lin Fengmin, was born in Mei County, Guangdong Province, who became enjoyed with painting in his childhood.

Had been to France for a work-study program in 19-year-old, and took a further education of Western painting in the Beattie School of Fine Arts, and later transferred to the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Paris to take up a advanced studies.

After returnning homeland in 1925 he took up the post as the Chancellor and Peking Professor of the Yuanpei College of Arts in 1927.

Invited by Cai Yuanpei Mr. Lin went to Hangzhou city and creat the National Art Academy(Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts later) in 1927 and acted as the president.

After the liberation Mr Lin was acted as the office of Shanghai Chinese Painting Institute Artist. Lin Fengmian was settled in Hong Kong since 70s, in 1979 he held a individual painting exhibition in Paris, which achieved a great success.

Representive Works of Lin Fengmian there are "Clear Spring", "Riverside", "Lady", "Landscape", "Still Life" and so on. He had finished book "New Theory of Chinese Painting", and published "Lin Fengmian Artbook" and so on.

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